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Learning with LOCALSYNC - Email Marketing Basics

Course Contents

The Email Marketing Basics course for Localsync Learning contains over 90 minutes of instructional videos that walk you through setting up an email marketing program for your business. This marketing training course also includes tips on how to keep your email marketing plan running smoothly.

Email Marketing Basics – Lesson Breakdown

Episode 1 – Course Introduction

Running Time 5:32

Episode 1 is an introduction to the email marketing basics course and automating your email marketing efforts. 

Episode 2 – What's Your End Goal

Running Time 7:13

What is your goal for email marketing? In this episode, we talk about creating the marketing plan's goals, including the product we are selling and the customers that we are trying to reach.

Episode 3 – Creating a Connection

Running Time 5:57

Explore how to connect with customers by research your customer's typical day, the issue they face, and how you can solve their problems.

Episode 4 – Backward Email Funnel

Running Time 15:55

In this episode of Email marketing Basics, learn how to create a high converting email funnel with high click-through rates and high conversion rates. Our approach is to start at the end (the email where you ask the customer to buy stuff) and then work “backward” on how to get there.

Episode 5 – Overview of GetResponse

Running Time 4:49

This learning video walks you through the GetResponse email marketing automation tool. Get an overview of the platform, how it works, and how you can use it in your email marketing plan.

Episode 6 – Creating a List

Running Time 16:34

In this episode, we will walk-through creating a list in GetResponse and configuring it correctly.

Episode 7 – Setting Up An Autoresponder

Running Time 9:19

Episode 7 discusses what an autoresponder is, how autoresponders work, and how to set one up in your GetResponse account correctly.

Episode 8 – Setting Up Emails

Running Time 11:32

Now that we have the autoresponder set up and you have a clear understanding of how they work, we move forward into setting up your emails and then connecting them to your list.

Episode 9 – Setting Up Webforms

Running Time 6:08

This episode of email marketing basics walks you through creating web forms to collect information from customers.

Episode 10 – List Hygiene

Running Time 8:08

Cleaning your email lists are essential for maintaining a good reputation with both customers and your email sending service. In this episode of Email Marketing Basics, learn more about keeping your lists clean, and having great delivery rates.

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