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LOCALSYNC Training - Total WordPress - Vol 1

Course Contents – Learn WordPress Basics

The WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 1 course from Localsync Training contains over 200-minutes of instructional videos that walk you through this website building powerhouse program. This WordPress training course dives deep into WordPress basics to get you started and covers noticeable changes between WordPress versions.

WordPress Complete Training Course

Volume 1 Lesson Breakdown

Episode 1 – WP History

Running Time 2:47

Ever wonder how WordPress came about? Episode 1 details the history of WordPress from its creation to how it continues to dominate the market.

Episode 2 – Dotcom vs Dotorg

Running Time 4:37

WordPress comes in two options – and This episode will analyze the pros and cons for each so you can better determine which option is best for your site. 

Episode 3.1 – What's New in WP 4.5

Running Time 5:35

Version 4.5 is a significant update for WordPress. In episode 3, we will describe the changes and additions to themes, the visual editor, comments section, and image compression.

Episode 3.2 – What's New in WP 4.6

Running Time 5:59

WordPress continues to implement upgrades to its software. Episode 3.2 will cover the changes and additions in Version 4.6 such as plugins, native fonts, the visual editor, and developer-related improvements. 

Episode 3.3 – What's New in WP 4.7

Running Time 7:08

In this episode, we will continue to explore new versions of WordPress. Outside of Version 4.7's noticeable default theme, there are many other changes or additions in this version to present.

Episode 3.4 – What's New in WP 4.8

Running Time 5:20

Episode 3.4 addresses the next version of WordPress 4.8. In this version of WordPress, the main changes observed involve the widget feature and WordPress News feature.

Episode 3.5 – What's New in WP 4.8.1

Running Time 6:15

Version 4.8.1 is a maintenance release for the existing WordPress version. Episode 3.5 will explain the fix needed for the rich text widget feature released with version 4.8.

Episode 3.6 – What's New in WP 4.9

Running Time 9:10

In Episode 3.6, we will compare what was vs. what is. Version 4.9 includes enhancements to code and the customizer as well as changes in widgets.

Episode 3.7 – What's New in WP 4.9.6

Running Time 7:55

Version 4.9.6 is technically not considered a major update. This informational episode explains how WordPress has addressed the EU personal data gathering regulations.

Episode 3.8 – What's New in WP 5.0

Running Time 4:35

Version 5.0 is an update unlike any other. Episode 3.8 will introduce the main change to the Gutenberg Editor and the 2019 default theme update.  

Episode 3.9 – What's New in WP 5.3

Running Time 5:44

In Episode 3.9, we will continue discussing more current versions of WordPress. Version 5.3's primary focus is Gutenberg (Block) Editor improvements plus a few other changes included within this new version.

Episode 3.10a – What's New in WP 5.4 NBE

Running Time 5:08

Episode 3.10a begins to explore Version 5.4. We will cover the non-block items like privacy changes and the new dashboard widget.

Episode 3.10b – What's New in WP 5.4 NBE

Running Time 5:04

Following-up from Episode 3.10a, this episode continues to explore Version 5.4. We will examine the changes and additions to the post and page block editors like block toolbars, feature image, and the welcome guide.

Episode 3.10c – What's New in WP 5.4 NBE

Running Time 9:40

And finally, Episode 3.10c will complete our exploration of Version 5.4. We will cover the new social icon and buttons blocks as well as changes to the rich text controls, media links, table captions, and columns and gallery blocks.

Episode 4 – Manual Install CPanel

Running Time 7:36

There are two ways to install the self-hosted version of WordPress. Episode 4 will walk you through how to do a manual install using the file manager, CPanel control panel.   

Episode 5 – Manual Install FTP

Running Time 8:14

If you don't have a CPanel control panel, you can use an FTP client to upload your WordPress install files. In this episode, we will guide you through this process. 

Episode 6 – AutoInstall CPanel

Running Time 7:05

The fastest way to install WordPress is to use a quick-install application. Episode 6 is a step-by-step view of this quick install method with CPanel applications.

Episode 7 – WP Dashboard Tour

Running Time 5:40

The WordPress dashboard is also known as the backend admin area of your site. This episode is a quick overview of all the dashboard features available.

Episode 8 – WP Cleanup

Running Time 7:11

When you install WordPress, your site will have sample posts, comments, etc. Episode 8 discusses how to clean up your site by removing these sample placeholders.

Episode 9 – Autosave Revisions

Running Time 8:49

Episode 8 covers the auto backup, autosave, and revisions features that take place in the background of the post and page editors.

Episode 10 – Settings General

Running Time 4:12

In the next few videos, we will dig deep into the various settings options available within your new WordPress site. Episode 10 starts us off with the general settings area where you can adjust the site name, site address, tagline, etc.

Episode 11 – Settings Writing

Running Time 6:31

Episode 11 will continue our tour of the admin setting area with the writing panel. This section includes items such as default post category and format as well as update services.

Episode 12 – Settings Reading

Running Time 5:08

The reading settings are next up on our tour. In this episode, we will detail the reading panel addressing page displays, blog pages shown, search engine visibility, etc.  

Episode 13 – Settings Discussions

Running Time 6:52

In episode 13, we will review the discussions panel.  Here you can control the settings concerning the incoming and outgoing comments, pingbacks, trackbacks, email notifications, and the use of avatars.  

Episode 14 – Settings Media

Running Time 2:22

Next up on the settings tour is the media panel. Episode 14 reviews the image sizing maximums. In other words, WordPress needs to auto-resize your media depending on the device used to access your site.

Episode 15 – Permalinks

Running Time 4:07

Permalinks determine how the URL of your page and post is displayed in the address bar. In this episode, we will walk you through how to adjust your permalink settings.

Episode 16 – Settings Addons

Running Time 1:54

The last stop on our settings tour is the addon settings that come with themes and plugins. Episode 16 demonstrates the possible changes to expect within your admin's settings section when adding new plugins or themes.

Episode 17 – Change Login in DB

Running Time 3:53

Episode 17 is a guide for altering login details from within the site's database. This is helpful if you get locked out of the admin area or need to change a user's username.

Episode 18 – Gravatar

Running Time 5:16

A gravatar is a graphical representation of a user. Episode 18 covers how to create and use a gravatar.

Episode 19 – Admin Tools

Running Time 3:55

In Episode 19, the admin tools section is discussed. Categories and tag converter, as well as import and export, are the default admin tools addressed here.  In addition, the export and erase personal data features are covered in this episode.

Episode 20 – What is RSS?

Running Time 6:26

RSS is a Really Simple Syndication. In this episode, we will explore RSS from what it is to why it's used.  Furthermore, how you can apply RSS to keep up with newly posted content on your favorite sites.

Episode 21 – Blog Setup Pages pt1

Running Time 4:35

In the final few videos for this course, we will jump into preparing your site to begin a blog. Episode 21 will start this discussion by helping you to set up the About page.  

Episode 22 – Blog Setup Pages pt2

Running Time 5:22

Episode 22 continues where Episode 21 left off. We will firstly walk you through setting up your Contact Us page.  Secondly, updating your menu makes these two pages easily found.

Episode 23 – Blog Setup Comments

Running Time 5:16

This episode, along with Episode 13, will set up your blog for comments and discuss how to prevent comment spam. We will also touch on social sharing plugins leading us into the next episode.

Episode 24 – Blog Setup Lead Generation

Running Time 6:04

Lead generation is the process of building bridges between you and site visitors. Episode 24 will cover how your site's comment section can create this lead generation.  Furthermore, why this is important.

Episode 25 – Blog Setup Autoresponder Connection

Running Time 6:06

This final episode of the course will assist with connecting an autoresponder to your WordPress site. Episode 25 will walk you through adding HTML code from your service form to your site.  In addition to doing the same via a plugin option.

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