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LOCALSYNC Training - Total WordPress - Vol 3

Course Contents

The WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 3 from Localsync Training contains over 100 minutes of instructional videos on your continued journey through this website building powerhouse program. This WordPress training course dives deep into designing and maintaining both pages and posts on your site.

WordPress Complete Training Course

Volume 3 – Lesson Breakdown

Episode 1 – Page vs Post

Running Time 3:50

Episode 1 will walk you through the differences between a post and a page so you better know how to handle certain kinds of content on your site.

Episode 2 – Categories

Running Time 4:48

Categories allow you to organize your WordPress site posts. In this episode, we will firstly discuss categories and how they are used. Secondly, how to create and manage WordPress post categories.

Episode 3 – Tags

Running Time 4:00

Tags are another organizational tool for your site. Episode 3 illustrates the use of tags, from creation to management. Above all, explaining why tags are helpful to site visitors.

Episode 4 – Post Manager Panel

Running Time 4:59

Episode 4 guides you through the Post Manager Panel.  Moreover where you can see and make adjustments to all site posts.

Episode 5 – Post Formats

Running Time 2:48

In Episode 5, we review the various types of post formats available. Post Formats can help you transform the look of your post simply by selecting the appropriate format.

Episode 6 – Page Manager Panel

Running Time 3:07

Similar to the Post Manager Panel, the Page Manager Panel is where you can see and make adjustments to all site pages. In this episode, we thoroughly detail the Page Manager Panel and how it can help with quick editing.

Episode 7 – Visual Editor Toolbar

Running Time 5:00

Episode 7 provides an overview of the visual editor toolbar. As a result, exploring how to use it to format both posts and pages.

Episode 8 – Create Post and Page

Running Time 7:45

As a continuation of Episode 7, this episode will demonstrate the page and post editor.  In other words, going step-by-step to create a post and page.

Episode 9 – Media Library

Running Time 6:26

Upload and manage media files via the WordPress media library. Episode 9 firstly covers which files to store here.  Secondly how to attach them to your page or post.

Episode 10 – Post Editor Hyperlink Tool

Running Time 3:44

Adding hyperlinks to your page or post helps to improve your SEO optimization. In this episode, we will walk you through how to add, manage, and remove hyperlinks.

Episode 11 – Create Audio Playlist

Running Time 4:02

Creating a playlist for your audio files is easy if you know the correct steps. In episode 11, we will demonstrate these steps as well as show you how to manage these playlists.

Episode 12 – WP Plugins

Running Time 8:02

Looking to do something more that isn't already built into WordPress, then check out plug-ins. This episode will explore the WordPress plug-in directory to help you determine which plug-in is right for your site and how to activate or deactivate them.

Episode 13 – Menus

Running Time 5:45

Custom navigation menus help site visitors find all the features on a WordPress site. Episode 13 reviews the menu management panel.  Above all, how to create and modify menus as needed.

Episode 14 – Widgets

Running Time 7:47

Widgets are blocks of content that can appear in various areas based on your theme. In this episode, we will discuss how to add and remove a widget along with how to customize the widget to enhance your theme.

Episode 15 – Themes

Running Time 6:01

Themes change the look and maybe even the functionality of your site. This episode includes steps on selecting and launching a WordPress theme to refresh your site.

Episode 16 – New Editor vs Old

Running Time 3:01

Episode 16 explores the difference between the WordPress old post and page editor vs the new block editor called Gutenberg.

Episode 17 – Gutenberg Tour

Running Time 5:05

In continuation of Episode 17, this episode provides a closer look at the new page and post editor. As a result, preparing your start with the Gutenberg block editor.

Episode 18 – How WP5 Affects Existing Content

Running Time 5:12

You may have a theme or plug-in that is active but not compatible with the Gutenberg editor. This episode narrates what happens to your existing content when you updated to WordPress 5.0 and how to correct errors.

Episode 19 – How to Disable Gutenberg

Running Time 6:01

Episode 19 will cover two main methods to disable the Gutenberg editor and re-activate the classic editor. If you have sites with existing content before Gutenberg, this episode allows you to take a step back so you can upgrade to Gutenberg at your speed.

Episode 20 – More Tools and Options

Running Time 7:25

The last episode of WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 3 presents a closer look at the more tools and options feature for the entire page.


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