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LOCALSYNC Training - Total WordPress - Vol 2

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The WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 2 from Localsync Training contains over 90 minutes of instructional videos on your continued journey through this website building powerhouse program. This WordPress training course dives deep into your site's security; from installing a secure website, to tricks to deter hackers, to cleaning up your site after a possible threat.

WordPress Complete Training Course

Volume 2 – Lesson Breakdown

Episode 1 – Backups

Running Time 8:21

Your website is only as good as your last backup. Episode 1 will walk you through how to backup both your files and database. Additionally, if your site stops working, you will learn how to use those backups to get your site back online.

Episode 2 – Computer Security

Running Time 2:59

What is your site's weakest link? In this episode, we talk about ways to prevent malware, viruses, and the use of weak passwords.

Episode 3 – Secure Install

Running Time 5:22

Looking for a more secure install process? Episode 3 will detail the security items that you need to be aware of during the install steps.  

Episode 4 – Removing User ID

Running Time 5:31

In this episode, we will firstly discuss removing user ID, mainly User 1. Secondly, we will cover why this is needed and how to successfully make these changes. Above all, how this can be done without losing content.

Episode 5 – Hide Admin Username

Running Time 5:21

If you don't want to remove the User 1 position (as described in Episode 4), there is an alternate option. Episode 5 will demonstrate code adjustments and plugin options. In short, simply hide User 1 from potential hackers.

Episode 6 – Hide All Usernames

Running Time 7:25

As an additional layer of security, you can hide all usernames. In other words, this episode will walk you through the process from the creation of a new user (including assigned role) to the user's nicename settings.

Episode 7 – Change Database Prefix Method 1

Running Time 6:08

There are two ways to change the database table prefix on an established WordPress site.  In Episode 7, we will discuss the first method. That is to say the easy way.  Additionally, why it's necessary.

Episode 8 – Change Database Prefix Method 2

Running Time 5:14

If Method 1 (from Episode 7) didn't work properly or you just want another option, this episode will cover an alternate process to change the database table prefix on an established site.

Episode 9 – Changing Security Keys

Running Time 2:50

Suspecting a hack? This episode will demonstrate how to add and/or change the WordPress security keys (aka salts).  

Episode 10 – Securing WP Config

Running Time 3:08

The wp-config.php file is the most important file. Episode 10 will walk you through how to secure this file so it's not easily found by hackers in the default location.

Episode 11 – Secure Hosting

Running Time 4:19

It doesn't matter how secure your website is if you have an infected hosting server. This episode discusses the key elements to examine before selecting a hosting service.  Consequently, the different types of hosting; from shared to VPS to dedicated hosting options.

Episode 12 – Custom Login Error Message

Running Time 3:10

Don't give hackers a big piece of the puzzle. Episode 12 will explain how and why you need to customize your login error message. 

Episode 13 – Prevent Brute Force Attack Method 1

Running Time 4:31

Episodes 13, 14, and 15 will look at different ways to prevent a brute force attack. This episode will demonstrate how to limit access to the login page for only certain IP addresses.

Episode 14 – Prevent Brute Force Attack Method 2

Running Time 4:16

Normally an authorized user will only attempt to log in a few times before contacting you. In this episode, we will walk you through how to limit the number of login attempts before locking a person or potential hacker out of the system.

Episode 15 – Prevent Brute Force Attack Method 3

Running Time 5:58

Episode 15 includes details on how to hide the login page. Additionally, add a reCAPTCHA for two additional ways to prevent brute force attacks.

Episode 16 – Hide Version Numbers

Running Time 4:20

Hackers can easily find which security features are corrected with each WordPress version, therefore, learn which features are the weakest on older versions. Episode 16 includes step by step instructions on hiding version numbers from your site and RSS feed.

Episode 17 – Site Activity Monitoring

Running Time 5:59

Sometimes you will require a guest author or additional administration to work on your site's content. In this episode, we will provide tips and explain the steps you should have in place to keep your site secure when others have backend access.  

Episode 18 – Has Your Site Been Hacked

Running Time 3:18

Unsure if you have been hacked? Episode 18 will discuss a few different tools you can use to see if your site has been compromised.

Episode 19 – Basic Hacked Site Cleanup

Running Time 3:51

You suspect you've been hacked. So what's next? In this episode, we will explore a few ways to clean up a compromised site.

Episode 20 – Actions After Hacked Site Cleanup

Running Time 2:47

Once the site clean up is complete, what else is needed to get back up and running? This episode narrates how to use Google Search Console to let Google know your site is clean and ready to re-index.  

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