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Learninf with Localsync - Learning Gutenberg Editor for WordPress

Course Contents – Learning Gutenberg Editor

The Learning Gutenberg Editor course from Localsync Training contains over 65 minutes of instructional videos studying the new block-based editor.  In other words, we will explore why WordPress designed the Gutenberg Editor to replace the classic WordPress editor.   

Learning Gutenberg Editor – Lesson Breakdown

Episode 1 – Course Introduction

Running Time 3:44

WordPress created the Gutenberg Editor as a more powerful editor compared to the Classic WordPress Editor. Episode 1 will review the pros and cons of the Gutenberg Editor. And provide a quick overview of what to expect in this Learning Gutenberg Editor course.

Episode 2 – Overview of User Interface – Learning Gutenberg Editor 

Running Time 5:33

Learning the Gutenberg Editor interface allows for a better understanding of the details as we get into them. Therefore, we will provide a quick overview of the many Gutenberg Editor features in this episode.

Episode 3 – Understanding Blocks

Running Time 15.59

There are different types of blocks depending on the intended content. Firstly in episode 3, we will breakdown the various blocks available. Then we will further explain how to add and format these blocks on your WordPress site with the Gutenberg Editor.

Episode 4 – Using the Sidebar

Running Time 7:04

The sidebar is on the right side of the editor window. In this episode, we will explore the right sidebar features. Also, we will cover how to use the sidebar to either edit the document as a whole or a specific block.

Episode 5 – Learning Gutenberg Editor – Common Blocks

Running Time 8:50

Common blocks are not the same as Most Used blocks in the Gutenberg Editor. Episode 5 is a further review of applying and customizing the common blocks as determined by WordPress.

Episode 6 – Formatting Blocks

Running Time 7:38

Some formatting blocks aren't necessarily used by all WordPress users, due to their advanced settings. In this episode, we will walk you through the formatting blocks and how to use them.

Episode 7 – Layout Elements

Running Time 4:14

Layout elements allow you to add things like a call-to-action button, columns, and more. In episode 7, we will discuss the different layout elements and how to use them.    

Episode 8 – Classic Editor – Learning Gutenberg Editor

Running Time 4:40

Many WordPress users have chosen to stick with the Classic Editor rather than switch to the Gutenberg Editor. As a result, this episode will review how to revert to the Classic Editor if you decide the Gutenberg Editor isn't right for you yet.

Episode 9 – More Editor Options

Running Time 11:38

The Classic WordPress Editor and Gutenberg Editor aren't the only editor options for your WordPress site. Lastly, we will discuss other editor options and the pros and cons of each in this final episode of the course..


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