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LOCALSYNC Training - Total WordPress - Vol 4

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The WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 4 from Localsync Training contains over 90 minutes of instructional videos on your continued journey through this website-building powerhouse program. This WordPress training course dives deep into locally hosted WordPress sites and how to go back and forth between localhost and live sites. It's recommended to watch all episodes before you start the process of setting up your own local hosted site.

WordPress Complete Training Course

Volume 4 – Lesson Breakdown

Episode 1 – Local vs Online

Running Time 3:11

Local WordPress sites are hosted on your computer not online. Episode 1 discusses the pros and cons of a locally hosted site vs an online site.

Episode 2 – Why XAMPP

Running Time 3:50

XAMPP is the most popular PHP development environment. In this episode, we will introduce XAMPP and explain why we recommend this software for our local WordPress install process. 

Episode 3 – Install ServerPress

Running Time 8:44

ServerPress allows you to install a lite version of XAMPP and WordPress on your local computer. Episode 3 is a step-by-step guide on installing ServerPress.

Episode 4 – Uninstall ServerPress

Running Time 4:29

There are a few reasons while you might need to remove ServerPress, but don't just start deleting files. In this episode, we will show you how to completely uninstall ServerPress from your system.

Episode 5 – Install XAMPP

Running Time 3:50

Episode 5 will show you how to download and install XAMPP on your local computer.

Episode 6 – Run XAMPP as Admin

Running Time 3:44

XAMPP works best when run with administrator rights. In Episode 6, we will demonstrate setting up your XAMPP control panel to always open with administrator rights.

Episode 7 – Bitnami WP Install

Running Time 6:44

Episode 7 will walk you through how to install WordPress on XAMPP using Bitnami, even though this isn't our recommended method.

Episode 8 – Best WP Localhost Install Method

Running Time 7:16

In this episode, we will detail our recommended method of installing WordPress on your localhost environment. This method will allow you to create as many WordPress sites as your hard drive can handle. 

Episode 9 – Backup-Restore Localhosted WP Site

Running Time 4:01

Before taking your localhost site live, you will need to know how to backup and restore your site. Episode 9 will cover the steps needed for a quick backup and restore of a locally hosted WordPress site.

Episode 10 – Live Site to Localhost

Running Time 7:59

Moving your live site to a locally hosted environment is suggested prior to making any site customizations. In this episode, we will review these steps from backups to database URLs.

Episode 11 – Troubleshooting Localhosted Login Issue

Running Time 3:15

Episode 11 addresses what might cause a login page error on your locally hosted site after transferring it from your live site, as well as how to troubleshoot it.

Episode 12 – Localhost to Live

Running Time 11:03

Normally one would go from localhost to staging site to live web-hosted site, however, in this episode, we will demonstrate the straight transfer from locally hosted site to live wed-hosted environment.

Episode 13 – Troubleshooting Increase Max Upload File Size

Running Time 3:00

You may find that you need to add files that are larger than the default size on your locally hosted site. Episode 13 will describe the process to increase the default file size for your media library as well as your database.

Episode 14 – Troubleshooting General Issues 

Running Time 4:14

When working on a locally hosted site, there are normally minimum issues that arise. Episode 14 provides an overview of some general issues and how to troubleshoot them as well as where to go to find additional answers.

Episode 15 – Fix Windows Firewall Issue

Running Time 1:25

When installing XAMPP you might encounter a Windows Firewall error or warning message. In this episode, we will discuss these possible errors and how to correct them.

Episode 16 – Fix Port Conflicts Part 1

Running Time 3:09

If you find port conflicts within your localhost environment, these next few episodes will walk you through how to change the Apache port numbers. Episode 16 will start with why you might have port conflicts.

Episode 17 – Fix Port Conflicts Part 2

Running Time 5:06

Now that you know why you might have port conflicts, Episode 17 is a guide on how to change those Apache port numbers. 

Episode 18 – Fix Port Conflicts Part 3

Running Time 7:16

Part 3 completes the Apache port number change. In this episode, we will explore how to fix the database and test the WordPress site. 

Episode 19 – XAMPP Control Panel Red Xs 

Running Time 2:54

Wonder why you have some red Xs under modules service on your XAMPP control panel? Episode 19 will explain the red Xs and how to fix them. 

Episode 20 – XAMPP Configuration Options

Running Time 3:13

Episode 20 is our final episode for this course. We will cover some configuration options within your XAMPP control panel.

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