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LOCALSYNC Training - Total WordPress - Vol 10

Course Contents

The WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 10 from Localsync Training contains over 65 minutes of instructional videos on your continued journey through this website building powerhouse program. This WordPress training course dives deep into turning your network into a multisite WordPress network.

WordPress Complete Training Course

Volume 10 – Lesson Breakdown

Episode 1 – What is Multisite

Running Time 3:36 is a perfect example of a WordPress Multisite set up with millions of sites. Episode 1 will start us off with the what and why of WordPress Multisite. 

Episode 2 – Enable Multisite

Running Time 4:46

It's best to do a multisite setup on a brand new WordPress installation. In Episode 2, we will walk you through the code needed to enable the Multisite feature.

Episode 3 – Activating Multisite

Running Time 2:32

In continuation of Episode 3, this episode will proceed with the steps needed to add the additional code to activate your WordPress multisite setup.

Episode 4 – One-Click Multisite

Running Time 2:59

A one-click application install is included with many (but not all) cPanel control panels. Episode 4 demonstrates the one-click install method for the WordPress multisite feature.

Episode 5 – Site Cleanup

Running Time 3:16

Site cleanup isn't a required step, but before delivering a network of sites to a client, they should be “clean.” In this episode, we will discuss the basic cleanup options after a multisite install.

Episode 6 – Network Dashboard Tour

Running Time 4:19

The SuperAdmin is the only one with access to the newly added network administrator dashboard. Episode 6 provides an overview of this new dashboard and its features.

Episode 7 – Add and Manage Sites Pt 1

Running Time 4:26

While new sites are independent of each other, the SuperAdmin can share some network features but not all. In this episode, we will start our tutorial on adding and managing sites within the multisite WordPress network.

Episode 8 – Add and Manage Sites Pt 2

Running Time 3:17

In continuation of Episode 8, this episode demonstrates the site-specific folder structure for the media library and finishes up our tutorial on adding and managing sites within the multisite WordPress network.

Episode 9 – Create User Pt 1 – Auto-Create

Running Time 4:14

There are a few different ways to create users within our multisite WordPress network. Episode 9 is part 1 where we explore the auto-creation that takes place when you create a new site within your network using the existing admin email address.

Episode 10 – Create User Pt 2 – Manually as SuperAdmin

Running Time 5:21

Manually created users have a default subscriber role. In this episode, we will review how to create users manually as a network SuperAdmin and how to adjust their site assignments and roles.

Episode 11 – Create User Pt 3 – Manually as Site Admin

Running Time 4:20

An individual site admin can also manually create users. Episode 11 is part 3 where we walk you through the steps needed to create a new user as a site-specific admin.

Episode 12 – Create User Pt 4 – Visitor Creates Own Account

Running Time 8:14

A site visitor by default can only register for the main site of the multisite WordPress network, not a specific site. Episode 12 discusses the final user creation method and the SuperAdmin's role to allow a visitor to create an account.

Episode 13 – Plugin Management

Running Time 5:05

Only the SuperAdmin can install and delete plugins using the network admin plugin page. In this episode, we will review the installation, activation, and management of plugins within our multisite WordPress network.  

Episode 14 – Single Site Registration

Running Time 5:35

Join My Multisite plugin allows site visitors to register for a specific site within our WordPress multisite network. In episode 14, we will walk you through the installation and settings for this multisite plugin. 

Episode 15 – Managing Themes

Running Time 2:52

The site-specific admin can customize themes, but only after the SuperAdmin enables them. Episode 15 looks at the actions needed to add, activate, and customize themes.  

Episode 16 – Managing Updates

Running Time 3:02

In this final episode of the course, we will address how to handle updates on your multisite WordPress network. The network SuperAdmin is responsible for these updates which can range from system updates to plugins to themes. 

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