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LOCALSYNC Training - Total WordPress - Vol 5

Course Contents

The WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 5 from Localsync Training contains over 80 minutes of instructional videos on your continued journey through this website building powerhouse program. This WordPress training course dives deep into page load speeds of a WordPress site. This includes why it's important, how to find potential slowing factors, and what changes are needed to provide the best user experience for your site visitors.

WordPress Complete Training Course

Volume 5 – Lesson Breakdown

Episode 1 – Why the Need for Speed

Running Time 3:36

Statistics show the longer a site takes to load lessens the chance a visitor will stay and wait. Episode 1 will discuss a few reasons why your site speed is important, leading you into the upcoming episodes in this course.

Episode 2 – Hosting for Speed

Running Time 5:19

Tweaks to your site are worthless if your hosting server can't keep up. This episode evaluates the various hosting options for page load speed.

Episode 3 – Speed Testing Tools Intro

Running Time 3:17

The primary goal for the load speed of your WordPress site is user experience. Episode 3 will introduce you to some of the more popular free speed testing tools.  

Episode 4 – GTMetrix Testing Tool

Running Time 7:50

In continuation of Episode 4, this episode covers the GTMetrix speed test tool. We will explore GTMetrix testing and how you can customize test results for your needs.

Episode 5 – Pingdom Speed Test Tool

Running Time 3:55

One of the more basic speed testing tools is Pingdom. Episode 5 highlights the features of Pingdom, also comparing and contrasting it to GTMetrix.   

Episode 6 – PageSpeed Insights Test Tool

Running Time 4:51

Our goal isn't a perfect score but to improve the user experience for site visitors. In this episode, we will review test result data and how you can learn more when using PageSpeed Insights from Google.  

Episode 7 – WebsitePulse Test Tool

Running Time 3:55

Episode 7 looks at some of the free tools offered within the WebsitePulse test tool, such as the browser full page speed test, website test, and the webpage test.

Episode 8 – WebPageTest Test Tool

Running Time 5:55

WebPageTest offers not only similar testing results as the other testing tools we have reviewed but supports more effective advanced test setting options. In this episode, we will explore all that the WebPageTest test tool provides.

Episode 9 – Image Optimization Pt 1

Running Time 4:10

Moving forward, Episodes 9 and 10 examine how to optimize your images that your speed test tool might have found as a problem area. This episode will get the process started by helping you to prepare your images for optimization.

Episode 10 – Image Optimization Pt 2

Running Time 7:40

Now that your images are prepared for optimation, this episode will walk you through the optimization process of a single image or multiple images at one time.

Episode 11 – Web Caching Intro

Running Time 3:58

Caching allows your webpage to load faster and also reduces the number of requests the browser sends to the host server. In episode 11 we will start talking about web caching and how it affects your load page speed. 

Episode 12 – Web Caching Plugin Install

Running Time 8:19

WP Fastest Cache plugin is one of the easiest and free plugins to use. In this episode, we will walk you through the installation, activation, and setup of this free web caching plugin.

Episode 13 – Leverage Browser Cache

Running Time 2:53

Leverage browsing caching is a defined time limit for browsers to keep information cached before looking for fresh information when a visitor returns. Episode 13 is a quick overview of leverage browser cache and how it helps improve your load page speed.

Episode 14 – Serve Scaled Images Fix

Running Time 3:07

In Episode 14, we will guide you through the ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin to fix the serve scaled images problem found with the speed test tool.   

Episode 15 – GZip

Running Time 4:08

GZip compresses websites to transfer information faster to the site visitor's browser. In this episode, we will walk you through how to manually add the code needed to activate GZip.

Episode 16 – Minification and Concatenation

Running Time 5:36

Concatenation is the combining of all Java script files and all CSS files into single files. Minification is the removal of white spaces. Episode 16 illustrates the source code both with and without minifications and concatenation.

Episode 17 – Render Blocking

Running Time 7:41

In this last episode for this class, we will cover how and why you might need to improve the above the fold render-blocking scores found in your speed test report.


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