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LOCALSYNC Training - Total WordPress - Vol 7

Course Contents

The WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 7 from Localsync Training contains over 50 minutes of instructional videos on your continued journey through this website building powerhouse program. This WordPress training course dives deep into the codes required to customize various elements of your site's WordPress theme.

WordPress Complete Training Course

Volume 7 – Lesson Breakdown

Episode 1 – Child Theme Creation

Running Time 5:06

There are a few different ways to create a child theme. Episode 1 will start us off with the quickest and easiest way to create a child theme using a plugin. 

Episode 2 – Pre-Customization Checklist

Running Time 4:07

Always add your customizations to your child theme and not the parent theme files. In this episode, we will explore what to do before adding and changing code to your WordPress theme.

Episode 3 – Personal Greeting

Running Time 3:39

This customization is a couple of items in one. In episode 3, we will build a short-code to insert a personal greeting for the logged-in user.

Episode 4 – Flex Date

Running Time 6:02

Either the current date and time or an offset date and time can be displayed on your posts and pages. Episode 4 demonstrates how to create, customize, and add the shortcode which allows you to add this date/time option into your posts and pages.

Episode 5 – Remove URL Underline

Running Time 5:12

The 2016 default WordPress theme handles the removal of the URL underlines differently than almost all other WordPress themes. In this episode, we will uncover the difference and show you the steps needed to remove the URL underline on the page and post content area within the 2016 default WordPress theme. 

Episode 6 – Remove Login Error Shaking

Running Time 1:56

If an incorrect user name or password is used, the default login box shakes to symbolize the error. In Episode 6, we will provide the code snippet used to stop this shaking of the login box.

Episode 7 – Customize AdminBar Logo

Running Time 3:04

The default WordPress admin bar logo is displayed to anyone with site login rights regardless of their assigned role. Episode 7 will show you how to brand your site by simply customizing your admin bar logo.   

Episode 8 – Remove Top Whitespace 2016 Theme

Running Time 1:56

Removing the top whitespace allows you to regain visibility of the content area. In this episode, we will walk you through how to remove the top whitespace from the default 2016 WordPress theme. 

Episode 9 – Adjust Gap Between Homepage Posts

Running Time 2:12

Another way to regain content visibility is to either reduce the gap and/or add a border between posts on your homepage. Episode 9 covers the code snippet needed to make these adjustments within the default 2016 WordPress theme.  

Episode 10 – Add Border Below Header

Running Time 2:36

Episode 10 details the code snippet required to create a customizable border below our header area within the default 2016 WordPress theme.  

Episode 11 – Customize Site Description

Running Time 2:33

The font, size, and color can all be adjusted to enhance the site description text in the header area. In this episode, we will provide you the code snippet for this customization within the default 2016 WordPress theme.  

Episode 12 – Customize Site Title

Running Time 2:34

Like with episode 11, the site title text in the header section can also be enhanced within the default 2016 WordPress theme. This episode reveals the code snippet to make these font adjustments.  

Episode 13 – Random Admin Announcements

Running Time 5:04

Episode 13 is similar to Episode 7 as it discusses another method to add branding to your admin site by creating an announcement board. These announcements can also be a quick way to update other users with admin rights to your site.   

Episode 14 – Add Menu on Admin Bar

Running Time 4:16

A menu with clickable links could benefit your site visitors with login rights. In this final episode of the course, we will present the code snippet to add this menu type to your admin bar.


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