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LOCALSYNC Training - Total WordPress - Vol 8

Course Contents

The WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 8 from Localsync Training contains over 60 minutes of instructional videos on your continued journey through this website building powerhouse program. This WordPress training course dives deep into Forums from creation to basic settings to customization.

WordPress Complete Training Course

Volume 8 – Lesson Breakdown

Episode 1 – What is a Forum

Running Time 3:21

A forum is a structured conversation related to a topic on the WordPress site. Episode 1 will further explain forums and how they benefit you and your WordPress site visitors.

Episode 2 – Different Forum Apps

Running Time 5:27

There are many different forum and forum-type applications available as either one-click app installers or WordPress plugins. This episode is a quick overview of the various options as well as an introduction to our suggested WordPress plugin.

Episode 3 – Install BBPress

Running Time 3:52

BBPress is a forum app built by WordPress that we will use for this course. Episode 3 will get started by walking you through the installation and basic settings for BBPress.

Episode 4 – Import Old Forum into BBPress

Running Time 6:08

Importing an existing forum into BBPress may come with some complications. In this episode, we will review the import process as well as some possible issues and how to correct these.

Episode 5 – Forum Structure

Running Time 3:49

Categories, topics, and replies are all part of the forum structure. This episode is an overview of the different components that make up a forum structure.

Episode 6 – Create Forum

Running Time 6:11

Creating a Forum is similar to creating a post or page. Episode 6 will demonstrate how to build and organize a Forum on your WordPress site with BBPress.

Episode 7 – Categories

Running Time 5:12

Organizing your forums into categories will make your WordPress site more visually appealing. In this episode, we will walk you through how to set up categories and move forums into their respective category.

Episode 8 – Category Display

Running Time 3:42

In continuation from Episode 7, this episode will cover how to take those created categories and adjust how each forum is displayed within the category on your WordPress site.

Episode 9 – Sticky Topics

Running Time 4:20

Topics move down the Forum as each new topic is added. Episode 9 will explain sticky vs. super sticky topics and the steps needed to make your topic sticky or super sticky.

Episode 10 – Forum Registration Page

Running Time 6:09

Some forums are open to anyone while others require registration. In episode 10, we will review how to create a registration page for forum visitors.

Episode 11 – Customize Search Boxes

Running Time 6:09

In the default 2016 WordPress theme, the forum index page displays two search boxes with different capabilities. In this episode, we will clean up the search box display.

Episode 12 – Forum Password Reset Page

Running Time 2:46

Episode 12 will cover how to create a lost password retrieval page, allowing your forum members to reset their password when needed.

Episode 13 – Forum Spam

Running Time 6:16

Forum user-generated content should only contain helpful information to all other forum members. The last episode of this course will show you how to minimize the spam on your BBPress forum.    

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