Facebook Ad Tracking


Uncertain if your Facebook Ads are contributing to your local business or just a waste of money? Then let the Facebook Ad Tracking marketing course from Localsync Training help clarify the process of ad tracking for you.


This Facebook Ad Tracking marketing course from Localsync Training is here to guide you through the method of training your pixel to find the one(s) that can successfully promote your local business.

Facebook Ad Tracking – Course Contents

This 9-part marketing course provides step-by-step instructional videos intended to simplify the correct way to set up a Facebook pixel using real-life practical examples. As a result, your local business can extend its online reach to the targeted demographic for your product/service.

Lesson Detail

Need more detail before you sign up? Facebook Ad Tracking course comprises of: 

  • Establishing your Facebook Business Manager
  • Designing a unique Facebook pixel code
  • Assessing the standard funnel events
  • Utilizing events to generate lead magnet funnel
  • Restoring abandon cart purchases through funnel events
  • Encouraging purchases with follow-up funnels
  • Testing active pixel using Google Chrome extension tool

Want to learn more about the Facebook Ad Tracking course and how it can help you market your local business online? Visit the Facebook Ad Tracking course overview to find out more.

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Ready to discover what your Facebook business marketing strategy is missing?  Enroll today for Facebook Ad Tracking from Localsync Training to fill in the missing blanks!

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