WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 3


Are you new to WordPress posts and pages? Do you have information ready to add to your new WordPress site but don't know where to start? WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 3 has all the answers.


This 20-part course aims to prepare you to build an in-depth WordPress site with posts and pages of content to attract site visitors.

WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 3 – Course Contents

The course contains over 100 minutes of instructional videos that walk you through applying pages and posts to a WordPress site Firstly, understanding the editor platform and its features. Secondly, creating a post with multiple types of content. And lastly, customizing the post or page to make your WordPress site stand out.

Lesson Detail 

Need more details about the lessons? This WordPress course will guide you through: 

  • Learning differences between WordPress page and post
  • Organizing posts with categories and tags
  • Editing posts and pages with post or page manager panel and visual editor toolbar
  • Creating a page and post
  • Adding media, hyperlinks, and playlists to your page or post
  • Exploring WordPress plugins
  • Setting and updating widgets and themes
  • Understanding differences between the WordPress classic editor and Gutenberg block editor
  • Examining the More Tools and Options section and its features for customizing

Want to learn more about this WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 3 to see if it's right for you? Visit the WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 3 overview to find out more.

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