WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 2


Already have a WordPress site, but unsure if it's secure? Or new to WordPress and hesitant about website security? Then check out WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 2. Here you will learn all about WordPress site security and how to apply it to your WordPress site.


This 20-part course aims to resolve all your WordPress site security concerns, starting with a simple backup to a post-hack WordPress site cleanup.

WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 2 – Course Contents

The course contains over 90 minutes of instructional videos that walk you through the ins and outs of WordPress site security. Therefore, your WordPress site will be equipped to better deter hackers.

Lesson Detail 

Need more details about the lessons? This WordPress course will guide you through: 

  • Creating backups
  • Preventing malware
  • Starting with a secure install
  • Adjusting admin and users logins
  • Improving database prefix, security keys, and WP config
  • Blocking brute force attacks
  • Monitoring site activity
  • Knowing if/when your WordPress site is hacked
  • Cleaning up your WordPress site after a hack

Want to learn more about this WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 2 to see if it's right for you? Visit the WordPress Complete Training Course – Volume 2 overview to find out more.

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